Questioning Tribal Warlords

Thinking about Dawkins lately, I'm wondering what it is about religion that makes it inspire so much hatred. I don't believe the statement "Religion causes war" is completely accurate, though it's hard not to see a connection.

What if religion is an manifestation of another phenomenon? What if there's another major category under the general rubric of human nature to which religion belongs?

For example: tribalism. I'll define tribalism as embodying two main elements, both of which are seen in our closest ape relatives. The first is intense animosity toward out-groups--the neighboring tribes. The second is intense competition within groups for status and the establishment of hierarchies.

Religion and tribalism aren't necessarily one and the same. Buddhism, for instance, doesn't strike me as especially tribal (though Buddhist oppression in Burma makes me wonder). But many religions, especially monotheistic ones, seem to be piggybacking on our tribal propensities.

Following this chain of reasoning, we can say religion doesn't cause wars; tribalism causes wars. But many religions aren't much more than (biblically, koranically, etc) codified, (church, mosque, temple) institutionalized, philosophically extrapolated (God as ultimate Alpha) tribalism.