David Biello over at Scientific American has written about the Climate Change email pseudo-scandal: "While the revelations about pressuring the peer review process and apparent slowness in responding to an avalanche of requests for information unveil something below impressive scientific and personal behavior, they can also be seen as the frustrated responses of people working on complex data under deadline while being harassed by political opponents. Note the adjective there. Political, not scientific, opponents. Because the opposition here is not grounded in any robust scientific theory or alternative hypotheses (all of those, in their time, have been shot down and nothing new has been offered in years)."

Well, of course, some of that political resistance may stem from honest scientific skepticism. Unfortunately, the source of this skepticism is anything but scientific--it's financial. James Inhofe (Republican from Oklahoma), ranking member of The Environment and Public Works Committee, had his seat in the Senate purchased for him by the oil and gas industry. (Check this out at the cite Open Secrets.) This is the guy who is calling for the investigation of the CRU. I humbly submit we investigate the hacker and see which oil company paid him and how much.

We can investigate the emails ourselves. Those pesky climate scientists are so sneaky they've gone and posted all of them on a searchable database.