If it weren't for the fact that I've been stressed about the 20-pager I have to write for Critical Theory, and the barely started story I'm working on for Writing Fiction, I think I probably would have predicted the manufactured controversy going by the name Climategate.

The big revelation here is that there's a political dimension to science--as there is to every human endeavor. I haven't yet researched the details enough to comment intelligently, but I want to point out two things: the first is the timing, as Cap-n-trade is being debated and Copenhagen is coming up, and the second is the hypocrisy of the conservative outcry at the mere (and likely manipulated) suggestion that scientists "colluded" to prevent publication of certain papers (based on their methods, according to them, not their conclusions), while they're going around touting reports of 3200 supposed scientists who disagree with global warming findings which are downright egregious in their intentional misrepresentations.