Here's a link to some of my syndicated posts from my years of writing about IT and digital marketing at Aptera. (Keep scrolling. There are several pages.)

Posts for Alicia Pyle (my girlfriend), which I guess are technically digital marketing, but not really:

"Generosity and Time Management in the Gig Economy"

"A Little Singing on the Side"

Top Posts on IT and Marketing:  

"The Race to Master Agile Marketing: Is It Even Worth Joining?” 

"Business Intelligence vs Analytics vs Big Data vs Data Mining"

Podcast (with my partner James Swihart)

Tech Club 

Popular General Interest Article:

“3 Ways to Avoid 3 O’clock Office Fatigue”

Websites I manage:

PyleStyle Events

Here's the essay where I get a little too honest about digital marketing: 
"When to Use Dumb-Dumb Bullets for Your Dog$hit Blog Post"