Here's a link to all my posts from my years of writing about IT and digital marketing at Aptera. (Keep scrolling. There are several pages.)

Posts for Alicia Pyle (my girlfriend), which I guess are technically digital marketing, but not really:

"Generosity and Time Management in the Gig Economy"

"A Little Singing on the Side"

Top Posts on IT and Marketing:  

"The Race to Master Agile Marketing: Is It Even Worth Joining?” 

"Business Intelligence vs Analytics vs Big Data vs Data Mining"

Podcast (with my partner James Swihart)

Tech Club 

Popular General Interest Article:

“3 Ways to Avoid 3 O’clock Office Fatigue”

Websites I manage:

PyleStyle Events

Here's the essay where I get a little too honest about digital marketing: 
"When to Use Dumb-Dumb Bullets for Your Dog$hit Blog Post"